Friday, August 15, 2014

Friday Faves: Bathroom Edition

I realized after writing the title of this post that it sounds like one of those Big Books of Potty Humor to read in the john.  Ew.  Great way to start a post but whatever that's where we're headed.

On Tuesday, I updated you guys on the progress we've done in our master bathroom with a pair of mirrors. That sort of got me on a track to brainstorm other ideas for this part of the house that hasn't gotten much action.

If you follow my Pinterest boards, you've probably already seen some of these ideas.  I'm really getting a vision for our master bathroom now, and I'm so excited to make it happen! One of these days anyway.  I really love using my Friday Faves posts to focus my "vision" for our home, so what better way than to envision one particular room?

Favorite Wall Color
I'd been drawing a blank on the color I wanted until I came across this first inspiration.  I love the wall color in this bathroom, and it is very similar to the color we painted in our office, Sherwin Williams Pediment.  We still have a gallon left of that paint so maybe we can get away with not having to spend a dime!

Adore Your Place

Favorite Cabinet Color
I've been trying to embrace the wood in our bathroom cabinets, but the red undertones in them aren't really doing it for me.  And the more I work with chalk paint, the more I'm convinced how easy it would be to paint and seal them.  The mirror in this pic is so similar to the ones we have now.  I'm leaning toward a blue/gray cabinet color- maybe even a mixture of Annie Sloan French Linen and Louis Blue.

Better Homes and Gardens

Favorite Wall Treatment
The plank wall behind this vanity is incredible too.  I'm hoping I can find a cheap and easy way to do this one day.  I've seen ways to DIY faux carrera marble countertops too, and I'm really tempted.

Southern Living

Favorite Shower
I've said before how I love the mixture of French cottage, rustic farmhouse, and industrial style.  And my gosh I can't quit coming back to this industrial loft window shower surround.  It would be so cheap to paint our existing shower door frame in an oil-based black and add in a grid.

Favorite Tub
I'm really hoping to do something with a wow factor to our big garden tub too.  A pallet wall would cost practically nothing.  And since we have some leftover Airstone from our fireplace project, we might be able to get away with a look similar (but more subdued) to this one.

Sourceless Google Find :(

Favorite Door
Robert and I both love the look of rolling barn doors too (but my gosh these big guys are a pretty penny).  I've been looking at ways to put a builder grade door on a DIYed track (Shannon at AKA Design even made hers using old scooter wheels).  The thing is, our bathroom door opens inward right into the door of the shower and it creates this really awkward corner of our space.  We have a completely bare wall in our master bedroom that would work well for a rolling door if we ever get up the nerve (and funds) to do it.

Sourceless Pinterest Find :(

Favorite Wall Decor
We have this weird space beside our small bathroom window that is a narrow blank wall and I've been drawing a blank myself on what to do with it.  I've thought of shelving or some unique wall art of some kind, but nothing all that spectacular jumped out at me when I tried to think of solutions.  This rustic ladder (which could easily be made for under $20) is beautiful and functional!  And right up my alley.

Funky Junk

It's times like these when I wish I could press fast-forward to see where this room ends up.  I'd love to see it transform into a nice escape with lots of relaxing bubble baths.  Whatchya think?  Does it all work together?

On Monday, I'll be back with another lovely giveaway (woo to the hoo!) so until then, have a great weekend!

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